iPad Troubleshooting

Although iPads usually managed themselves, they are still computers that require some know-how and/or maintenance/troubleshooting to keep the device running smoothly.

Note: Some settings and features may be disabled or restricted by the district.

Basic Troubleshooting

In most cases, restarting, resetting, or force closing an app on the iPad will solve the issue. But if your iPad doesn't start up correctly, or it might not respond when you press buttons, these steps can help.

iPad Overview

Here is an overview of the iPad's hardware.

Note: The features and hardware may vary depending on the model of iPad you have. Below is an example of the iPad Air 2.


If the iPad is not working properly

If an app isn't responding

If you see a black screen

  • You might need to charge your device before it can turn on. Plug in your device and let it charge for at least 10 minutes (20 minutes for iPad), then try turning it on.
  • You should see a battery icon while your device is charging. If you continue to see a black screen, reset your device.

If your device doesn't respond when you press buttons

  • Your device might not return to the Home screen when you press the Home button, wake from sleep when you press the Sleep/Wake button, slide to unlock or power off, or it might appear frozen. Try these steps:
  1. Restart your device.
  2. If it still doesn't respond, or if it doesn't turn back on, reset your device.

Updating iOS to the latest version

iOS software updates introduce new features that let you do even more with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Be sure to keep your devices up to date so that you don't miss out on the latest features.

  • NOTE: To reduce network congestion and to ensure that the iOS version is compatible with district assigned apps, the iOS update may be blocked on the district's network. However, if instructed to update your iPad(s) to the latest version of the iOS, you can follow these instructions.

Buttons and Switches

Get help with the Sleep/Wake button, Home button, volume buttons, Ring/Silent switch, or Side Switch.

WI-FI and Bluetooth issues

See these articles for help with Wi-Fi issues:

Connecting iPads at Home (iBoss Content Filter)
If your students are having issues with connecting to their home/outside wireless network, please see the troubleshooting page.


Get help with the screen on your device if it has any of these issues:

  • The screen is too dim, too bright, or you see only faint images
  • You see a solid color screen (black, white or blue)
  • You see lines, missing sections, discoloration, or poor image quality

Get help with other screen issues:


When you try to use the camera on your iOS device, you might not be able to take a photo. Or maybe your photos don't look right. These steps can help.


Get help with these issues:


Battery or charging issues

Acceptable temperatures

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